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Workforce Management is by no means a simple and ordinary task anymore. With the number of employees on the rise and the constant need to cut down on cost and improve on employee productivity, issues like monitoring work hours, tracking attendance, planning leaves, managing payroll, etc. can be quite challenging for any growing organization.

Techmerits has helped a good number of global businesses across various industries bid goodbye to the traditional way of managing workforce. We have years of experience in developing and deploying tailor-made WFM solutions for our clients enabling them to meet the HR challenges and bring in a higher level of transparency and efficiency in the process.

What We Offer ?

Based upon our fair understanding of your business, we transform the whole process of workforce management through innovative IT enabled tools, user-friendly interface, superior UI/UX, powerful cloud computing technology (SaaS and PaaS models), mobile readiness and more. The idea is not just to automate the process but to add strategic value and significant differentiation to your business objectives.

We offer custom-made, flexible solutions in various areas of Workforce Management, including but not limited to, the following:

  • Tracking time and attendance
  • Leave planning and absence management
  • Rostering and work allocation
  • Optimizing work flow
  • Administering salary, bonus and other employee benefits
  • Performance appraisal, motivation, employee recognition
  • Employee self services
  • Career advancement and succession planning
  • Recruitment and talent management
  • Learning and training management
  • Workforce analysis and actionable data on human capital
Why Techmerits for WFM?

One thing is for sure - you can't expect your business to grow (or even survive the cutthroat competition) without cutting down on cost and improving productivity within your organization. Call it an investment, asset or expenditure but the reality remains that a huge portion of your budgeted expenditure goes on your workforce. Now how can you maximize your revenue without optimizing your workforce? This is where Techmerits comes into play a vital role in putting your workforce management on autopilot mode and facilitating real time communication.

Capitalizing on our tech and consulting knowledge and experience in the workforce management domain can give you a number of benefits and the major ones include:

  • Superior customer service
  • Enhanced product quality
  • Higher customer retention
  • Empowering your employees with knowledge
  • Reduced overtime
  • Optimum level of staffing
  • Lower employee turnover
  • Decrease in labor expenses
  • Improved productivity
  • Higher level of employee satisfaction
  • Lowered level of compliance risk
  • Reduced response cycle
  • Reduced paperwork and manual work
  • Drastic reduction in time and resources in managing a large workforce

Whether your business needs a complete WFM package or some specific modules for particular functions, Techmerits offers the right solution to match the unique requirements of your business. And depending upon the software provider, you'll have a choice to either deploy the software in your own premises, or in the datacenter of the provider.

If you are still using spreadsheets for recording time, attendance, salary, etc. of your employees, it's high time you contacted us. We will help you make a smooth transition to a highly efficient and cost effective system!

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