Project Management Service

Helping with timely completion of projects with certainty of outcome
  • Planned and timely rollout of large scale projects
  • Highly experienced guidance with coordination, communication and budget management
  • Getting the right resources together for a higher level of success
  • Identifying strategic options to manage risk, resources and quality
  • Strong leadership to maintain control and transparency and infuse passion and enthusiasm in the project
  • High level of confidence and assurance for real innovation
Agile Project Management at Techmerits

Software projects vary constantly and when customers are likely to finalize requirements before they can test-drive the prototypes, overhead or long pauses often cripple the project. Agile development process is about embracing change and delivering first the features with the greatest business value and having the real-time information to firmly manage cost, time and scope. It is a value-driven approach that enables project managers to deliver high-quality and high-priority work.

Agile Project Management decreases complexity of the project by splitting the long cycle (spanning over months) of building requirements for the entire project, building the complete product followed by testing to discover several product flaws. Instead, small, usable parts of the software product are specified, built and tested in convenient two- to four-week cycles. Techmerits can adjust the Agile development process as per your requirement and preferences and optimize it to best align with your objectives and internal methodology.

Techmerits Agile Values:

  • Fast Detection of Project Delivery Risks: Shorter delivery cycles and decreased batch complexity associated with Agile allow project risks to be easily addressed and quickly reduced to meet the quickly changing demands of the market.
  • Business Value Driven Priority Setting: With Agile Project Management approach, software functionality is prioritized and delivered as per the business value outlined by the company, enabling a quicker understanding of benefits and results.
  • Complete Client Control over the Project: Functional transparency as well as early and regular progress updates keep Agile practitioners in complete control of the project, including modifications of the project scope as required as well as delivery milestones while maintaining elasticity to finish the project before time, if market conditions allow.
Waterfall Project Management at Techmerits

Techmerits employs a precise project methodology that is premised on a holistic approach of systems engineering. This ensures that our clients always receive high quality software products on time and within budget. Our project manager is loaded with balancing project scope, quality, cost, reporting, personnel, risk and adapting as needs change. This philosophy informs every phase of our software development process including:

  • Gathering project requirements
  • Defining detailed specifications
  • Executing the project
  • Testing and quality assurance

This approach recognizes the crucial significance of human interactions, between our client and our project management team as well as between our client and the systems we build. After all, our ultimate goal is to meet or exceed our clients expectations.

Techmerits Project Management Services offer complete technology life-cycle leadership in sync with our other services. Our cross-disciplinary values help link our clients project performance to milestones and thriving management of functional teams to deal with unexpected risks and project impacts. Complex enterprise architecture initiatives need the coordination of diverse technology streams and internal as well as external constituents. We offer comprehensive company-wide program management for these multi-dimensioned environments.

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